Year of Establishment : 2009
Authorized Capital : BDT 30,000,000
Products : Digital kWh Meter Prepayment kWh Meter
Manpower : 30+
Production Capacity : 300,000/year
BSTI CM License Issued : 2011
Approval of BPDB (For selling model: DEM-03) : 2013

Who We Are?

We, the company's entrepreneurs having experience in the field of electrical and electronics, got the courage to start the project named ‘FGF Electrical and Electronics Ltd.’ in 2009. We drive success through teamwork, transparency, mutual respect and accountability. We operate to the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We have achieved ability to share sustainable success among our clients, co-workers and suppliers by treating them fairly, honestly and with respect.

Find Key Workforce

Sufficient numbers of trained employees are engaged. Sophisticate and modern equipment are used to ensure quality of products. To ensure quality process, all activities in production line including raw material inspection, assembling, calibration, testing, in-house training, periodical maintenance of machines, standard meter calibration checking, record keeping etc. are maintained according to company’s prescribed quality manual.

Experienced management operates all teams including Production, Marketing & Sales, Store & Delivery, and Accounts etc. to achieve maximum output. Management always appreciates innovative ideas and encourages logical proposals of any team.

Marketing &Sales team is very client friendly and eager to satisfy clients’ requirements. This team smartly co-ordinates with other sections/teams to ensure prompt delivery, warranty coverage, after sales service etc.

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Small Team but Great Innovation

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